Cold therapy or cryotherapy is a commonly used treatment in dermatology, cosmetology and surgery. Cryotherapy is most commonly used in the treatment of warts and corns. On the advice of a skin doctor, it is possible to remove other forms of skin formations using cold therapy.

At the City Tervisekliinik, both children and adults are welcome to visit us for cryotherapy. It is recommended that you consult with a skin doctor prior to the cold therapy procedure. Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, can be combined with a dermatologist’s appointment.

Liquid nitrogen is used to carry out the cryotherapy procedure. There is a feeling of coldness on the skin, as well as slight stinging and pain. The procedure lasts a few seconds, the exact time depends on the diagnosis. If necessary, the procedure will be repeated.

After the procedure, you may feel pain, which will pass after a few hours. A blister may also form on the skin as a side effect.

ProceduresPrice (€)
Cryotherapy (1-3 lumps)35