Medical care

You can turn to us to prevent or treat health problems. There are nearly thirty specialists in our clinic ready to take appointments.

Neurologists, dermatologists, urologists, gynaecologists, cardiologists, general physicians, nutritional consultants and many other specialists are at your disposal.

Mental health

A psychological counsellor provides psychological help for problems related to your personality, relationships, life events and life changes.

Together with a counsellor, i.e. a psychologist, you will analyse the standstill in your life, discuss ways to change it and try to find new perspectives, solutions and prospects for the future.

Aesthetic medicine

Our clinic also offers various aesthetic medicine services. You can choose between surgical and non-surgical services all aimed at the same outcome – a better and more beautiful version of you!

Health tests

Different tests and analyses are a good way to map your health. Your test results will include a professional interpretation and practical recommendations for the future.

Occupational health

City Health Clinic offers different levels of occupational health check-ups for your employees. We take into account the hazards employees are exposed to as well as the laws governing the health check-up of employees.

Certificates, vaccines and procedures

You may find yourself in various different situations where you are required to present certificates about your health. Our clinic is happy to provide you with any such certificates. We issue traditional medical certificates as well as more specific certificates, e.g. for seafarers and food business operators.

Price list of services

View our comprehensive price list.

Price list of services

View our comprehensive price list.