Echocardiography (EHHO) is an ultrasound of the heart that can evaluate:

  • the size of the chambers of the heart,
  • ventricular function,
  • the presence of blood clots in the chambers of the heart,
  • changes in your heart caused by high blood pressure: thickening of the musculoskeletal system, the increase in size of the chambers of the heart, etc.,
  • the structure and function of heart valves,
  • the function of prosthetic heart valves,
  • aortic diseases: aortic enlargement, stratification of the aortic wall,
  • the presence of fluid in the pericardium and its effect on the heart.

Echocardiography can be performed multiple times to assess the progression of disease changes.

When you come to the study, bring along a previously performed ECG.

The study is free of charge with a referral from a family physician.

After echocardiography, it is recommended that you make an appointment to consult with a cardiologist who will assist in the interpretation of the test results.

Dr Merle Starkopf


Dr Artur Ader

Health TestsPrice (€)
Echocardiography (ultrasound examination of the heart performed by Dr Starkopf)160
Echocardiography (ultrasound examination of the heart) with family doctor’s referralfree of charge