Ear Irrigation

With the help of ear irrigation, it is possible to remove wax from the ear canal.

Ear wax is generally soft and excretes from the ear on its own. Ear irrigation is essential if the ear wax is dry and hard, and a blockage of the ear canal has formed, which usually manifests as hearing loss.

We recommend dripping dissolving oils sold in pharmacies into the ear a few days before your ear irrigation appointment. Oils make the wax softer and easier to flush out.

To remove the wax, the ear canal is irrigated with warm water and a vacuum aspirator is used. Flushing out wax with water is contraindicated if the tympanic membrane has been perforated due to a chronic ear middle ear infection or trauma, as the rinse water entering the middle ear will cause a middle ear infection.

If the wax tends to clog the ear canal frequently, it is recommended that the ear be irrigated 1–2 times a year to avoid hearing loss and damage to the ear canal.

Ear irrigation is a quick and painless procedure that takes 15–20 minutes and is done by experienced nurses.

ProceduresPrice (€)
Ear irrigation20
Nurse appointment fee €25 is added to the price of the procedures