A psychiatrist is a specialist who deals with people’s mental health problems. The treatment of mental disorders is essential for maintaining and improving the enjoyment and quality of a person’s life.

A psychiatrist deals with the following frequent mental disorders:

  • mood disorders,
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • anxiety disorders,
  • stress responses and adaptation disorders,
  • addiction disorders.

The signs and symptoms of mental disorders differ, but some of them are noted here:

  • behavioural, such as constant hand washing or alcohol abuse,
  • feelings, such as deep and enduring sorrow, euphoria or anger,
  • unusual thoughts, such as you are being watching by your TV or constant thoughts of death and suicide,
  • bodily signs, such as excessive sweating, heart palpitations, uncontrollable shortness of breath with a feeling of suffocation.

The initial visit with a psychiatrist lasts 60 minutes, and the following topics are usually touched upon during the visit:

  • complaints and difficulties,
  • general coping – work, learning, hobbies, close relationships,
  • previous life history, education,
  • diseases in the family,
  • relationships within the family.

After the first interview, the psychiatrist will make an initial diagnosis, which will be clarified via examinations, if necessary. However, if necessary and possible, treatment will be prescribed and recommendations given following the initial interview.

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Psychiatrist servicesPrice (€)
Psychiatrist appointment (1 h)150
Repeated psychiatrist appointment (30 min)95
Psychiatrist appointment to apply for a weapons permit health certificate150
Psychiatrist appointment in a foreign language180
We provide mental health services after receiving an advance payment.