From time to time, we all experience moments where we don’t know what to do with our own problems, with our children, with our spouse, with colleagues when proven methods of coping no longer help, and our reserves seem to have been completely exhausted.

With a psychological counsellor, psychological help is available for problems related to one’s personality, relationships, life events, and life changes. The impasse is analysed together with the counsellor or psychologist, the possibilities for changing it are discussed, and new perspectives, solutions, and future prospects are explored.

Individual psychological counselling helps in the case of personality and communication problems, spiritual crises, and difficult situations. It allows for the improvement of adaptability and communication skills, and the correction of self-esteem. It helps to increase resilience to stress and the ability to cope with life. Together with the psychologist, the causes that have led to a problematic situation are analysed and new aspects, solutions, and prospects for the future are found. The psychological advisor helps and supports you in finding clarity about yourself, in searching for alternative solutions and development opportunities, and making choices.

Counselling for children helps with any behavioural, emotional and intellectual problems being experienced by the child, as well as in deciding on the child’s readiness for school, preparing them for school, coping with learning difficulties, etc. Consultations are also available for grief and crisis problems.

Depending on the nature of the client’s problem and the client’s motivation, counselling may be limited to a few sessions or become a longer-term cooperation relationship. The frequency of individual counselling sessions depends on the agreement between the client and the psychologist. Sessions generally take place 1–2 times per week.

If necessary, a psychological counsellor will be able to recommend other specialists, psychiatrists or psychotherapists. Everything that is discussed during counselling sessions is confidential.

Emotional State Questionnaire (RUS)

Emotional State Questionnaire (ENG)

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Mental health servicesPrice (€)
Psychologist / clinical psychologist appointment (including individual counselling and psychotherapy 1h)95 / 90
Psychologist appointment in a foreign language100
Clinical psychologist consultation and co-payment for psychotherapy with referral by a family doctor through the therapy fund 40
We provide mental health services after receiving an advance payment.