VACCINATION1 dosePrice (€)
Vaccination of influenza20.00
Vaccination of adult against tick-born encephalitisTicovac, Encepur adult38.00
Vaccination of children* against tick-born encephalitisTicovac, Encepur children38.00
Vaccination of adults against hepatitis AAvamix 16040.00
Vaccination of children* against hepatitis AHavrix 72030.00
Vaccination of adults against hepatitis A-BTwinrix50.00
Vaccination of adults agains Hepatitis BEngerix-B 40.00
Vaccination against papilloma virus types 6, 11, 16, 18Silgard140.00
Vaccination against papilloma virus types 16, 18Cervarix120.00
Vaccination against meningococcusA+C20.00
Vaccination of adult with measles, mumps, rubella complex vaccinePriorix15.00
Vaccination against poliomyelitisImovax Polio20.00
Vaccination against yellow feverStamaril 45.00
Vaccination against typhoidTyphmivi, Typherix25.00
Vaccination of children* and adults against pneumococcusPrenevar75.00
Vaccination of children* against pneumococcusSynflorix75.00
Vaccination of children* over 2 years of age against pneumococcusPneumo2330.00
Vaccination against chickenpoxVarilrix45.00
Vaccination of adults against diptheria, tetanus and pertussisAdacel30.00
Vaccination certificate5.00
Vaccination and consultation10.00

*Vaccination of children according to national vaccination Schedule